How do I go about getting a tattoo?


The way we generally work is we’ll book you in for a consultation with one of our artists. You can chat about ideas, placement and designs with them and make sure you’re both on the same page. If you then want to go ahead and get something designed it’s either a £100 deposit (or if the tattoo is going to be less then that, the full amount, our shop minimum charge is £80) which will then come off the total cost of the tattoo. Once we have a design ready for you we’ll get you to come and have a look at it. If you like it then that’s great but if not that’s okay too. The design process is ongoing and we keep going until we have a design you’re happy with. Once you’re happy we’ll book you in to get tattooed.



Do consultations cost anything?


Consultations are free of charge and it’s a good opportunity for you to get some good advice on your tattoo and chat about ideas. We book consultations for half an hour so you’ll have plenty of time to discuss your thoughts and ask questions. We only take the deposit if you wish to go ahead and get a design done.



Why do you take a deposit?


We take the deposit to ensure that the artists don’t spends hours doing design work then have people decide to go elsewhere or not show up on the day of an appointment. Deposits are non-refundableso if you change your mind we keep it for the time the artist has invested. The same applies to completely changing the idea of the tattoo. You may also lose your deposit if you cancel without at least 48 hours notice. Deposits are valid for 6 months.



Can I just show up and get a tattoo?


We do sometimes have space for walk-ins however we can’t guarantee it. For the best experience you’re better to have a consultation and make a booking for a later date. That way the artists have more time to design your idea and give you the best tattoo possible.



How much will it cost?


It is difficult to give an exact quote on a tattoo as there are too many factors involved. Price will vary depending on design, size, location on the body, how well you sit, how good your skin is for tattooing and a variety of other factors. Your best option is to come in and have a chat with the artists as they might be able to give you a rough idea. We can’t give quotes out via phone or email.



Will it hurt?


Pain is dependent on each individual. Some people find it easy, others struggle a bit more. Our best recommendation is to make sure you’ve had a good nights sleep before hand, make sure you’ve eaten and, above all, ensure you’re in the right mindset. If you accept that there will be some discomfort and spend your session chatting away to your artist, you’ll hardly notice it! Remember that pain is guaranteed, suffering is optional.



How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?


The law in the UK clearly states that you must be at least 18 years old. If we are unsure of your age, we may ask for photo ID so be sure to bring some kind of identification, with your date of birth, along to your appointment. Parental consent is NOT allowed for someone under the age of 18 so even if your parents are cool with it, wait until you’re 18 until you get your first tattoo.



Can I bring along all my friends?


If you really feel the need to bring friends along for moral support then they can come. However they won’t be allowed in the tattooing area and so will spend most of their day sitting in the reception area looking at our artwork. For the benefit of your friends, the artist and yourselves we recommend you just bring yourself along to the appointment.



Can I drink/take drugs before my appointment?


The simple answer to that is no. If you turn up and we believe you to be under the influence of anything we will refuse to tattoo you and you will lose your deposit. Not only is it disrespectful to the artists but it also makes tattooing you a lot more difficult and the tattoo probably won’t heal properly.



Will you tattoo my hands/neck/face?


Getting a tattoo on any visible part of your body is a big change. Even if you have a couple of tattoos already it will be down to each individual artist and whether they feel comfortable doing it. However, do not be surprised if we refuse to do it for you.



Can I bring my children with me?


It depends on how old they are. If they’re 18 then by all means bring them along, but they won’t be able to watch you get tattooed. If they’re under 18 then please don’t bring them along. We aren’t a nursery and can’t watch your children for you. Your best bet is to leave them at home with a friend or babysitter.



I have a picture of a tattoo I found online, can you do it or me?


We will never copy anyone else’s work or design. It’s disrespectful and morally wrong. We can always use it as reference for your own design, drawn in one of our artists style, but it will not be a copy.



How can I pay for my tattoo?


We accept cash, card or Paypal deposits. On the day, sessions can be paid for with cash or on card. Payments on card will incur a 2.75% surcharge as that is what we are charged to take your payment (making a £100 deposit £102.75). To avoid any charges, plan ahead and visit the bank to get cash beforehand.



Will you email me the design to me when it’s ready?


As a general rule we don’t send designs out of the studio for a few reasons. One being that we have been stung before by people taking that design somewhere else and getting it tattooed (badly) by someone else. Secondly, we find that when people have a copy of the design they tend to over analyse it. They start showing it to their partners, friends, parents, brothers, sisters, cousin, pets and anyone else you can think of! All of a sudden all of these people become experts on tattoos and start deciding that if you changed ‘just this little bit’ then it’ll make it better. Trust us, we’ve been doing this long enough that we know what will work and what won’t. Most of the people you show the design to, won’t have a clue! Instead we find it’s better if you come in and see the design in person so that you can make any comments about it to them and discuss it with them.





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